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A Customized Approach to VDI and DaaS

The IT advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) deployments are undeniable. You can streamline maintenance and increase security, while making users productive on any device, in the office or away.  RedVMX provides the hardware and software you need to manage your virtual desktops at scale for companies of any size.  Just like enterprise VDI, your users can access provisioned desktops any time, on any device, all while keeping your data and virtual machines secure in RedVMX’s private cloud.

Be productive anywhere

Whether they’re in the field or working from home, today’s employees need reliable access to corporate resources. Yet despite the many advancements in work-from-anywhere technology, keeping employees continually connected to apps and data remains remarkably challenging for many organizations. Nearly half of remote employees are plagued by poor internet bandwidth, and many waste countless hours hunting down information or waiting for apps to load. RedVMX’s VDI services ensure employees have instant, consistent access to all the apps and information they need—on any device and network. Windows and Linux virtual desktops can be fully customized to meet the needs of your most demanding users.

Enable BYOD and remote work

Today’s organizations consist of a wide array of users: remote employees, part-time team members, vendors, partners, freelancers and more. Contingent labor accounts for as much as 50% of workers in some industries, and an estimated 4.1 million contractors are hired by the US government alone. Organizations need new ways to be agile when providing secure remote access, no matter where people work or what devices they use. That’s why many are opting for industry-leading cloud desktops. By leveraging RedVMX to deliver desktop as a service, you can easily adapt to the changing needs of an increasingly flexible workforce. Simply spin up desktops to support contractors and temporary workers globally, then spin them down when projects are complete.

Lower IT costs

Today’s enterprises have a delicate balancing act to perform—one that requires saving cash while simultaneously expanding ITThis dilemma puts organizations in a constant state of strain. With RedVMX, you can give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while keeping costs down. Employees get instant access to everything they need, while IT manages a single golden image of desktops that can be easily deployed to hundreds or thousands of employees—often from an inexpensive thin client or repurposed PC. With RedVMX VDI, you can cost-effectively onboard cloud desktops without having to invest in any new infrastructure. Personalized desktops look and feel the same as locally installed ones but can be centrally controlled by IT in the way that works best for your organization.

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Secure sensitive data

These days, sensitive business data is everywhere: in people’s homes, on personal devices, in public clouds, at partner organizations, on the factory floor… and the list goes on. All that mobility is pushing traditional security strategies to the breaking point. With RedVMX, you can put those concerns to rest. Our robust management and monitoring tools have been fine-tuned for decades, equipping you to protect mission-critical data against ever-changing threats. Keep data secure by providing the right level of access based on each employee’s location, device, and other factors. Because none of your data is stored on endpoints, there’s nothing to exfiltrate if a device is stolen.

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